York companies have to work hard on managing their overheads. Both staff and space are too expensive to waste. Using staff and space to manage paper documents is not an effective use of either. Document scanning is essential.

York Print Company specialises in document management solutions allowing you to operate your core business more efficiently and effectively.

We can provide confidential, accurate and cost effective document scanning. We can deliver quality-scanned documents in colour, black & white and grey scale, from a stamp to A3+ in size. Turning piles of paper into a scanned electronic format reduces your storage space dramatically letting you to utilise the saved space/room more productively.

Clear out your folders, boxes and cabinets and convert them accurately into electronic data and images. Output of your document can be produced in TIFF, Jpeg or the very versatile multi page fully searchable PDF format.

Once digitally scanned, your documents can either be confidentially destroyed or returned back to you.